Beta Movement represents the Awakened Human Mind. Awakened from the hologram from which most of human life on this planet earth does not dare to break out.

To become an awakened mind, the path through the unknown internal and external world has to be taken. Long and dark this path will be, but the longer you go, the more light will appear in it.

After a time, the mind will find itself in a place of acknowledgement, suffer, and enlightenment. The hologram will be replaced with real material. Material, from which you will be able to slowly build your true self. Tears will fall, and create a cloud of truth covert in trust.
It is a path, which leads to true happiness and teaches the human mind the beauty of simplicity in life.

Know  Understand  Embrace  Become 

Know everything which lies in you. Whether it's comfortable or not. Only through objective acknowledgment of every corner of the inner self, it is possible to walk the path which leads towards the state of inner peace and true happiness.


Understand its origins. After the acknowledgment of the inner self, it is important to understand where it all comes from. What has made you the way you are today and Why. Understanding those who had an impact on your development as a human being, will make the process of freeing yourself more clearly and easier.


Embrace with all your heart. Acceptance is the key which opens the last door on this path. Through acceptance, you will be able to enter the realm of purity.
The weight stacked on the shoulders through the years disappears.


Become. Carefully and slowly you have made every step on this path till this very moment.

Now it is time to let go.

Now it is time to act upon.

Only through action, it is possible to create change. 
Only through action, you are able to free yourself from internal suffering. 
Only through action, you are able to become.


Patience is a small but very precious key.